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Check Your GK on Vedic Period -Aryans Part V

vedicThe Vedic age  in India is considered the period between  1500 BC and extend upto 6000 BCE with the coming of the Aryans , who were scattered on the plains of northern India.  The relationship between the race and language of these people with the classical languages of Europe was established by a Bavarian Franz Bopp in 1816.

Here is the Part V of 10 questions set on Vedic Period


test quiz description

Comments ( 12 )

  1. Please describe the three.

  2. Kindly share more knowledge if you have on Somalata

  3. chapter 7 India and Asia

  4. Just wondering if some of the vedic astrologers could tell me – what age range is considered as a normal marriage time age for females?

    also, age range that may be considered as an early marriage and late/delayed marriage?

  5. 1.) What were the origins and key concepts of Indian religion during the Vedic Age?
    2.) Explain the concept of reincarnation.

  6. pleasee makee yurr answerr longg 🙂

  7. Which is true?
    During the vedic age the aryans changed:
    a: from nomads to farmers
    b: from servants to rulers
    c: from farmers to nomads
    d: from warriors to merchants
    Please help! I will award the best answer with 10 points

  8. It should be one of these places
    1- Pataliputra

  9. Why do some life events of Moses resemble vedic characters?
    And most verses in the Bible sound similar to verses in Gita..
    Did Jesus knew the truth that Krsna was the Lord or Father he mentions ?

  10. Please explain each method. It may either be western or vedic astrology. Note that I am new in astrology and know nothing about chart progression.

  11. How will the Aquarious age (the change from pisces age to aquarious age) affect astrology?

  12. I know throughout the world humans eat non-veg, except some upper class (whatever that means) Hindus in India. Does anyone know at what time vegetarianism started in India? People ate meat during vedic age and buddhist do eat meat.

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