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Check Your General Knowledge on Earth

earthReady to test your knowledge on Earth! Sometimes earth is referred as  the Blue Planet, or by its Latin name. It is considered formed 4.54 billion years ago, and life appeared on its surface within one billion years.  Earth’s biosphere has significantly altered the atmosphere and other abiotic conditions on the planet, enabling the proliferation of aerobic organisms as well as the formation of the ozone layer which, together with Earth’s magnetic field, blocks harmful solar radiation, permitting life on land. The physical properties of the Earth, as well as its geological history and orbit, have allowed life to persist during this period. The planet is expected to continue supporting life for at least another 500 million years

So,check your G.K on Earth


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Comments ( 22 )

  1. We know that global warming is destroying earth. The earth becomes more unfriendly by the day, and only few people try to reduce global warming, most of us don’t even care about global warming. So eventually the earth will become an unfriendly planet. How long will the earth becomes an unlivable place for humans if there aren’t any environmental actions done? What’s the best action to counter it?
    I forgot this, but please also state the reasons of your answers.

  2. If I understand correctly, liquid state matter occupies more space compared to solid matter. So, if the Earth’s liquid mantle (or lava) were to somehow solidify and be compacted all the way to the iron core, would the overall earth’s diameter decrease? If so, would we all be heavier because the effects of gravity would be more due to us being closer to the Earth’s core?
    If the Earth’s diameter does decrease, what would the new estimate be? And how much heavier (weight – not mass) would we be as a result?
    The answers received so far don’t really answer the question. Please help!!!

  3. Some of the questions that I am curious of.

    1. If everything in the Universe were to disappear, what would happen if a large mass such as Earth or the Sun were to pop back into existence? Would anything strange happen to gravity?

    2. Would I weigh the same on Earth if Earth no matter what location it came to rest at in the Universe?

    3. If Earth could travel at different speeds, could this change how much I would weigh standing on Earth?

  4. Alexandria Humphrey
    April 3, 2012 at 6:31 PM

    If you were located halfway between Earth and the moon, what acceleration would you have toward earth? Earth-Moon separation is 60 Earth radii.

  5. I would like professional answers only please.
    If we remove all of the oil and natural gas from the earth for man’s use here on the surface, does that take fuel away from the center of the earth’s process? Could the removal of these fuel sources, be the cause of global warming. If so, is it the sun that now keeps the surface warm, rather than heat coming up from the center of the earth, which does not provide enough heat internally, therefore, could this be the cause of the ice melting in our northern hemisphere, and also raise the earth’s surface temperature?
    If you answer this, please furnish a Reference where you obtained your information.

  6. Because the walls are made of earth, and underground temperatures are constant at 50-70 F, earth houses need almost no energy to maintain optimal indoor climate. Earth houses also offer some protection from harsh weather, warfare and even crime. No need to ever paint the exterior — or replace siding. So why aren’t all houses built this way?

    May 2, 2012 at 7:51 PM

    Will planet earth look like a blue star from another planet’s sky?
    If yes, is it possible that somewhere in the universe earth is not named as “earth”
    and is also considered a “heavenly body”.
    Then, are we considered as “heavenly beings”? Are we viewed as a part of another planet’s heaven?

  8. I just heard a little bit about the earths magnetic field, and I was wondering what it really does for the earth? Besides the fact that it is the reason why compasses point north, what does the magnetic field do for the earth?

  9. i need to know the diameter and circumfrence of earth?

  10. Earth has been the only planet since millions of years with the proof of life.All other planets are merely assumptions by astrologers that earth-like planets exist beyond our Milky way. Recently an earth like planet was discovered by astrologers which was supposed to have life, fire,water and Oxygen like gas.But that is all a foolish assumption.

  11. I’m well aware that there are differences in the distance because of the earths elliptical orbit. My question is not pertaining to that difference in distance. What I’m interested in is how close is the center of the earth to the center of the sun today and how close is the center of the earth going to be to the center of the sun the same day a billion years from now? The root of the question really came from another question. Which is faster, the rate at which the sun expands (which i’m told is about .85 inches per year) or the rate at which the earth approaches the sun? Neil Degrasse Tyson is encouraged to respond.

  12. Aristotle and many early Greek scientists believed that the sun and the stars are orbiting around the Earth. But now, most people believe (and that’s right) the Earth is orbiting around the sun. Ans also, the earth itself is rotating. But what do you think that can prove that the earth is rotating itself?

  13. There are 1.3Billion of them, the Earth wont sustain that many people who are greedy.

  14. Where can I find a picture of the Earth during the previous ice age(s) and the prediction of what Earth will look like if the ice caps melt during global warming or a heating phase of the Earth? I’ve always wanted to see! It’s very interesting.

  15. I wake up just about every night between 3 and 3:30, but THIS time I heard a weird noise. What on earth is going on here?

  16. There’s around 6 billion people on planet earth. Is it too much for a planet like earth to contain? With all its limited resources, bass and mass and taking every other thing into account, what is the number of people earth was actually born to sustain?

  17. Pamella Rodrigues
    July 28, 2012 at 2:10 PM

    We have storms and that’s how the energy on earth is balanced. What would happen if there were no storms and the earth didin’t have some way of balancing out energy? Sources?

  18. My Home planet Trablablabla has more advanced technology and we get super powers!
    BQ: why are you on Earth?

  19. The Earth has a mass of close to 6.0 • 1024 kilograms, and the Moon has a mass of 7.4 • 1022 kg. The center of the Earth is 385,000 kilometers from the center of the Moon.

  20. Example: Earth’s gravitational field is 7.97 N/kg at the altitude of the space shuttle. At this altitude what is the size of the force of attraction between a student with a mass of 42.5 kg and Earth?

  21. Right now earth population is 6.5 billion. What is the highest limit that human population would ever reach? And what is earth’s maximum capacity to absorb humans? With so much pollution, waste, deforestation, environmental damage, etc etc how long is it before earth will perish simply because too many humans exist?

  22. What kinda of consequences be for earth’s interior layers?

    Earth Science 10 homework, could not find anything in textbook. please help.

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