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Rubik Cube :Quiz & Video to Solve

Rubik's Cube puzzle has enthralled for years to all citizens of world. The puzzle is so simple to attempt  yet quite difficult to solve for most of the puzzlers. It  won the German Game of the Year special award for Best ...

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सर्वनाम किसे कह्ते है: Video

सर्वनाम उस विकारी शब्द को कहते हैं जो पूर्वापर संबंध से किसी भी संज्ञा के बदले में आता है, जैसे, मैं (बोलनेवाला), तू (सुननेवाला), यह (निकट-वर्ती वस्तु), वह (दूरवर्ती वस्तु) इत्यादि। ...

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Sound -how does it originate? What actually causes sound ? and why do we hear sound ? Science of sound is melodious provided you understand it.  Is It is a mechanical wave composed of frequencies within the range sound  of hearing and of a level sufficiently ...

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Synthetic fibers  is a natural fiber obtained from the cotton plant .Synthetic fibers are made through a number of processes using  petrochemicals. A polymer is made up of many repeating units called monomers.Synthetic fibers also known as artificial fiber is a threadlike material  do not exist naturally. Watch the Video on Synthetic ...

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