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Biosphere : Test Your Knowledge through 10 Quizzes

General Knowledge on biosphere is important for exams. So , a quick simple 10 quizzes on biosphere for readers. The biosphere is all about life and generally  describe our living world on earth and extends to the upper areas of the …

Quiz on India : A Subcontinent

Take this quiz on the subject Quiz on India : A Subcontinent and prepare yourself for competitive examinations. The land mass of India has an area of 3.28 million square km. It is the seventh largest country and second most populous…

Test Your Knowledge on Easy Geogrpahy Quiz

Exams prepartion and even day to day life require general knowledge of geography . Ggeography is also , wordlwide , taight as a school subject.Geography teaches people to understand relationships that are spatial (of space) in nature.…

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