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Buy Back of Securities – Quiz !


Company at a time may come under a situation where it needs more capital or some time it may suffer from over capitalization. This extra capital may harm company by various ways. To prevent from this harm, there is way called buy-back of securities.

The companies Act, 2013 along with SEBI (Buy back of securities)Regulation,1998 and Private Limited Company and Unlisted Public Company(Buy back of securities) Rules,1999 provides the rules for the buy back of securities by Listed and unlisted companies. Here is a quiz for you on buy back of securities. Take the Quiz to check your knowledge on Buy Back Norms.

This is an activity of buying back own securities from various modes as prescribed by the governing authorities.  The decision can be of Board of directors or the members of the company as per the amount involved in the buy back  operations. The default in complying with the applicable provisions result in fines and penalties  and imprisonment of defaulting officers as well.

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