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Business and Economics : 10 MCQs

Business and Economics

rawpixel / Pixabay

The quiz on business economics is prepared to enhance your knowledge in the field of business and economics. The theories of business & economics are applied along with quantitative methods to analyze business enterprises and the factors contributing to the diversity of organizational structures and the relationships of firms with labour, capital and product markets. Sometimes, the term business economics is used as synonymous to industrial economics/industrial organization, managerial economics, and economics for business.

Still, there may be substantial differences in the usage of ‘economics for business’ and ‘managerial economics’ with the latter used more narrowly. One clear difference between these would be that business economics is wider in its scope than industrial economics in that it would be concerned not only with “industry” but also businesses in the service sector.

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10 Questions on Business and Economics

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Business & economics are two sides of the same coin and therefore, one can’t think of one subject without thinking about another!