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Bullet Trains: 10 Question Quiz

Bullet trains or Shinkansen (meaning new trunk line) is a network of railways running the world’s fastest trains. It is said that the idea was conceived and planned in the late 19th century. However, they were developed in the 1930s. Once again, owing to the World War and atomic bombings, there was a delay in realizing the project. Post war, when the plan was re-initiated, and it was looked upon as an old idea by many. The shape of the train is like that of a bullet and it shoots like one. The Japanese call this as ‘shinkansen’. The seating is divided into different categories like reserved, unreserved, economy, and green class. A new class called ‘gran class’ has been introduced in the newer coaches of recent times. These classes are equipped with modern amenities and have a grand seating arrangement.

This quiz on shinkansen bullet trains would give you an idea about the fastest mode of transport.

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