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Briteny Spears :10 Simple Questions Quiz on Life of Pop Star

Briteny SpearsPop star Britney Spears has become the most followed individual on Google+ with over 743,000 followers , beating  Google’s CEO Larry Page as well who is being followed by 742,500 people.The charismatic , teen pop star, life is full of stories and flashy news.

Here is 10 Questions on Britney Spears

test quiz description

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  1. I have a great singing voice but I am more of the soulful type.I am searching to do a special demo for Hollywood Records.I also have a special person assisting me and helping me.But like I said,I want to be a teen pop/rock singer and still have a soulful voice,can you give me a few topics about this?

  2. Mine is miley cyrus. but i think she is so full of herslef though! and if you say neither then im deleting your question.

  3. Help my friend heard about it on the radio and doesnt no the name or song he said she sounds like christina aguilera

  4. here are a lot of questions about celebrities. i put a lot so most people will be able to get a few. the questions are in crossword puzzle clues format. the person who answers the most correctly wins best answer! and don’t answer if all you have to say is that it is pointless, it is just a game! have fun!

    1 Disturbia actor Shia
    2 What Happens In Vegas actress Bell
    3 singer Beyonce
    4 No Country For Old Men actor Josh
    5 The Sopranos actress Jamie-Lynn
    6 Ice Princess actress Cusack
    7 John Tucker Must Die actress McCarthy
    8 actress Minnillo, was Miss Teen USA 1998
    9 daughter of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
    10 House M.D. actress Lisa
    11 “___ the plumber”
    12 90210 actress Stroup
    13 singer Judd
    14 Victoria and David
    15 Ugly Betty actress Newton
    16 Jim Carrey movie Me, Myself, and ___
    17 What I Like About You actress Garth
    18 Desperate Housewives actress Nicolette
    19 Because I Said So actress Piper
    20 Grant or Jackman
    21 Stuart Little actor Hugh
    22 Character Dr. Gregory ___
    23 Full House actress Jodie
    24 Crossroads actress Manning
    25 The Notebook actor Ryan
    26 Premonition actress Bullock
    27 Elektra actress Jennifer
    28 Lindsay Lohan’s girlfriend Sam
    29 I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry actor James
    30 House M.D. actress Jennifer
    31 The Phantom of the Opera actress Emmy
    32 the bad octopus in The Little Mermaid
    33 Full House actor John
    34 Kill Bill actress Uma
    35 Anywhere But Here actress Susan
    36 Beyonce’s actress sister
    37 Gaston, Romeo in Love Story music video
    38 daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
    39 Brody from The Hills
    40 TV host Chelsea
    41 Jamie-Lynn Spears’ daughter
    42 American Eagle brand
    43 actress Leachman on DWTS
    44 Ugly Betty actress Rebecca
    45 One Tree Hill actress Bush
    46 Moonlight and Mistletoe actress Cameron-Bure
    47 Kath and Kim actress Selma
    48 actress and princess Olivia
    49 Michael or Diane
    50 According to Jim actress Kimberly Williams-___
    51 Of Mice and Men actor Malkovich
    52 The Office actor Steve
    53 singer Furtado
    54 The Holiday actress Kate
    55 singer Jean
    56 90210 actress Doherty
    57 NFL stars Peyton and Eli
    58 singer Underwood
    59 Reese Witherspoon’s middle name
    60 Lionel Richie’s daughter
    61 Vacancy actress Kate
    62 the 2 Hilton heirs
    63 Eva Longoria’s basketball husband
    64 Eva Longoria Parker’s role on Desperate Housewives
    65 Audrina from The Hills
    66 Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter
    67 Gilmore Girls actress Alexis
    68 Brad Pitt’s ex-wife Jennifer
    69 Nicole Richie’s daughter
    70 Jessica Alba’s daughter
    71 Party of Five actress Jennifer ___ Hewitt
    72 Gossip Girl actress Meester
    73 90210 actress Grimes
    74 Ashlee and Jessica
    75 P.S. I Love You actress Hilary
    76 dancer Lacey
    77 Heath Ledger’s daughter
    78 Rumor Has It… actress Suvari
    79 The Incredible Hulk actress Liv
    80 Moore or Lovato
    81 Demi or Mandy
    82 Marcia Cross’ twin daughters Savannah and ___
    83 Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter
    84 Grey’s Anatomy actress Smith
    85 Cheetah Girl Adrienne
    86 country singer Allison
    87 country singer Newfield
    88 The O.C. actress Barton
    89 Man of the House actress and singer Christina
    90 Heroes actress Hayden
    91 Spin City actor Fox
    92 7th Heaven actress Jessica
    93 7th heaven actress Mitchell
    94 Lipstick Jungle actress Lindsay
    95 model Heidi
    btw, this isnt a crossword puzzle. it is just questions, they are just written the same way

  5. For a party, I am organising a celebrity forfeit-based quiz game. Let me explain….

    The game will involve around 12 people (so far!) and will be forfeit-based. Each contestant will sit down and aim to answer 3 simple general knowledge questions about a famous celebrity. 3 correct answers and they have completed the challenge and will move onto the next game – dignity intact!

    However, should they get an answer wrong they will need to remove their shoes and socks, put on a blindfold, and submerge their feet in something messy for 2 minutes.

    Any ideas for what substances can be used? Should contestants be in socks or barefoot?

    Need about 10ish because I doubt all 12 contestants will be very thick. 😉

  6. I’m not against reality shows, though i think its cheap entertainment and exploiting the general public, but i prefer that the ordinary person who would otherwise never be known get a chance to go on them rather then celebrities who already have fame money and opportunities. I’m not talking about big brother but more about the quiz shows where they are slowly introducing more celebrity shows, ie who wants to be a millionaire. They already done that with family fortunes aswell.
    I’m just saying give ordinary people more of a chance. What do you think?

  7. For my Social Studies project, my partner and I must create a music magazine from the 1980’s (more specifically, we chose 1983). We need seven articles, and we already have:
    -Album Reviews
    -Top 10 Songs
    -Interview with Michael Jackson
    -Men at Work; Newest Hits
    -Latest News
    -Celebrity Quiz

    Do you have any ideas of what can be done for the 7th article?

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