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Bicycle Quiz : 10 Interesting Facts

Bicycle facts : A Quiz

skeeze / Pixabay

Bicycles are the first and most interesting mode of transport. The design is very simple, with no complex engineering involved, needs no fuel except for an occasional oiling of parts and cycling keeps you healthy. The early forms of the cycle have no pedals. They had two wheels and a seat. The cyclist had to push the vehicle forward with legs. This design is nowadays popular as balancing bike for kids- no pedal, no brake, only wheels and handlebar to develop balance. The evolution of cycles is really interesting. While the early versions were ‘dandy-horse, a pedal with a moving crank was introduced. This is the earliest design of the conventional bicycle. Earlier, the cycles had a large front wheel and a comparatively smaller rear wheel. The wheels were made of wood or iron. Pneumatic tires were introduced in the 1890s when the bicycles grew in popularity. However, with the introduction of automobiles, the popularity shrunk owing to the comfort of riding in an automobile and also owing to the safety.

However, today, owing to the pollution and carbon dioxide emission by the automobiles, cycling has regained its lost charm. In addition to the health benefits that it offers the number of professionals adapting to cycles is growing every day.

Here is a video on how cycles are manufactured followed by a quiz on some interesting facts about bicycles.

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