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Basics Of Auditing – Ten Questions Quiz !

Basics Of Auditing

The term audit is derived from the Latin term ‘audire,’ which means to hear. In early days a person used to listen to the accounts read over by an accountant in order to check them. He was known as auditor. Auditing is as old as accounting and there are signs of its existence in all ancient cultures such as Mesopotamia, Greece, Egypt. Rome, U.K. and India. Arthasashthra by Kautilya detailed rules for accounting and auditing of public finances. The original objective of auditing was to detect and prevent errors and frauds. Auditing evolved and grew rapidly after the industrial revolution in the 18th century with the growth of the joint stock companies the ownership and management became separate.  The shareholders who were the owners needed a report from an independent expert on the accounts of the company managed by the board of directors who were the employees. The objective of audit shifted and audit was expected to ascertain whether the accounts were true and fair rather than detection of errors and frauds.

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