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American War of Independence Quiz -Part 1

The American War of Independence is also known as The American Revolutionary War or simply the Revolutionary War in the United States, was the battle between the Kingdom of Great Britain and thirteen of its former North American colonies, which declared themselves the independent United States of America in 1776.

If one finds reasons , it can be succinctly put that 17th century there were 13 British colonies in Northern America. English politicians view colonies as source of cheap raw materials and market for English manufactured products. England also wanted additionally to tax the colonists. The colonists rejected new tax laws because they did not have they own representatives in British Parliament. British parliament in 1773 brought Tea Act which caused outrage from colonists (Boston Tea Party).

As a sign of retaliation, British closed the Boston port and suspended statute of the Massachusetts. First conflicts began in 1775. The colonists formed army under command of George Washington. Congress took power in colonies. In Philadelphia, in 1774 was held I Continental Congress when colonists challenged British rights about taxes. The II Continental Congress was 4th of July 1776, in Philadelphia when Declaration of Independence was adopted. According to Declaration, 13 of North-American colonies are free and independent, without relations to Britain.

After series of battles, peace between Great Britain and new state, USA, is signed in Paris, 1783. USA received independence while British left with power over Canada. First draft of the Constitution was passed in 1787 and came in force in 1789.

Given below is first part of the test your knowledge series on American War of Independence.

10 MCQs on American War of Independence

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