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American Road to Revolution Quiz : 10 Facts

Road to Revolution Quiz

Prawny / Pixabay

This quiz on the American Road to Revolution Quiz provides information about the injustices and events that led the American colonists down the Road to Revolution and independence from the British.Great Britain had ousted the other European countries from North America. The British were in control, North America was added to the British empire and American colonists were subject to British rule, British Laws and British Taxes. Following their victory over France in the French and Indian Wars  the British were faced with clearing a massive War Debt. Great Britain set about clearing the debt by taking various actions in the British Colonies following the Peace Treaty of Paris 1763. Additional taxes were levied on the American colonists, there were objections and dissension – the actions of Great Britain were leading America down the Road to Revolution. Click here for Quiz  Nazism and the Rise of Hitler

Test Your knowledge on American Road to Revolution Quiz

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