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Agriculture Farming Quiz-3 : Test Your Knowledge

Agriculture farming in simple term covers growing food & other things like flowers and nursery plants, manure or dung, animals,fungi, fibers (cotton, wool, hemp, and flax), biofuels , and drugs (biopharmaceuticals, marijuana, opium).In comparision , there is a term associatied with agriculture -Subsistence agriculture- which means growing enough food to feed the farmer, his family, and his animals. Extra food or animals are sold for money or other things the farmer cannot grow. Also associated with agriculture farming is the phenomena of drought and other problems that sometimes cause famines. Where yields are low, forests are sometimes cut to provide new land to grow more food. This is good in the short term, but can be bad for the country and the surrounding environment over many years.

Test Your Knowledge on Agriculture Farming Quiz -3

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  1. […] online and check how much you score. Also get answers for all question asked in this test.Indian agriculture farming started by 9000 BCE as a result of very early farming of plants, as well as domestication of plants […]

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