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Who are the father and son who shared a Nobel prize ?

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  1. \"William_Lawrence_Bragg\" William Henry Bragg Created by Wikipedia

    \"\" William Lawrence Bragg Created by Wikipedia

    William Henry Bragg & William Lawrence Bragg are the father and son who shared a Nobel prize.

    As per Wikipedia “Sir William Lawrence Bragg CH, OBE, MC, FRS (31 March 1890 – 1 July 1971) was an Australian-born British physicist and X-ray crystallographer, discoverer (1912) of Bragg’s law of X-ray diffraction,

    which is basic for the determination of crystal structure. He was joint winner (with his father, William Henry Bragg) of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1915: “For their services in the analysis of crystal structure by means of X-ray”,[3] an important step in the development of X-ray crystallography.”

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