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4th Jan-Quiz on Burma Independence Day

Burma is an Asian country with a very turbulent history. Most of the seeds of discontent within Burma can be traced back to the time when it was under rule from the British in the early nineteenth century. It would be from here that the Burmese would attempt to rebel against the hegemony of British rule and try to look after their own affairs. This necessitated a rise in nationalist sentiment which was only too easy to sell to the ordinary people who were being controlled by a foreign power.

And so throughout the nineteenth century, many wars developed. Ultimately, the British were successful in all of these major wars which caused further discontent among the ordinary Burmese population against their British overlords. It would be later in the 1940’s when the Burmese people could rise to their full height as a people and try to organise a sophisticated rebellion for independence.

They succeeded on the 4th January 1948; however, this was to be a cold victory. Nationalist sentiment was high in the newly independent Burma and this had its own set of consequences. Military groups formed which overthrew the government in 1962 and the country has suffered some of the worst human rights abuses in the forthcoming fifty years. However, Burma has since developed its own form of nationality, its own flag, anthem and celebrations on historic days in its history.

This quiz takes a look at some of these key events, particularly noting the causes of independence as well as the consequences of independence in 1948. Every year, Burma holds celebration as a result of their long fought campaign against British rule and this quiz aims to put all these jigsaw pieces together in a coherent way.

10 Questions Quiz on Independence of Burma

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