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10 Quick Questions on Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. How Much You Know about the Legend??


Bhupen Hazarika Dr. Bhupen Hazarika , a poet, music composer, singer, actor, journalist, author and filmmaker, the self-proclaimed jajabor (wanderer) died at the age of 86 in Mumbai. Born in 1926 in Sadiya into a family of teachers, the academically-talented Hazarika was   MA (Pol Sc) and  did his PhD in Mass Communication from Columbia University. He also received the Lisle Fellowship from Chicago University, US to study the use of educational project development through cinema.

Here is the quick test on the legendary singer, Dr Bhupen Hazarika

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    1. Bratcher Bush says

      Report On Grandma/Grandpa
      By: Sadiya Shaikh

      My grandma is almost 70 years old I love the peaceful futures on her face, which she abhors a lot, but I love them, as she looks cute.
      She looked very pretty……………….
      When she was young, but knows she is was and will still be as beautiful as she was about 50 years ago.

      She truly is the biggest mirror and reflects everything in me.
      Whenever I need help I go to her and ask her and she sorts out the problem as if it was a piece of cake for her.
      I believe she is very kind, helpful, lovable and the most of all she is very empathetic and talks to everyone freely and loves making new friends.

      She Guides me, she holds me when I fall, she loves me, she is my best buddy and that’s why I love her and she loves me. I used to stay with her all the time but know I have moved. Moved to a far away place almost 1 day away from the loving touch of my soul.

      Know I can still meet her but on the phone for a few minutes.
      But she comes here were I live, for a 1 or 2 months I suppose.
      And I feel as happy as a Bird flying freely in the breeze of the wind dancing here and there, but when she goes, I feel like the bird that has now where to fly and is a prisoner in a cage. The days when she goes might be the worst days in my life I have ever felt.

      She is charming, she is beautiful, she adores, she is absolute, she always accedes.

    2. Jose says

      list of names that Died on the 35w Bridge because we were cutting Budgets no matter what the cost
      _Julia Blackhawk, 32, Savage.

      _Richard Chit, 20, St. Anthony.

      _Paul Eickstadt, 51, Mounds View.

      _Sherry Engebretsen, 60, Shoreview.

      _Peter Hausmann, 47, Rosemount.

      _Patrick Holmes, 36, Mounds View.

      _Greg Jolstad, 45, Mora.

      _Vera Peck (Chit’s mother), 50, St. Anthony.

      _Christine Sacorafas, 45, White Bear Lake.

      _Sadiya Sahal, 23, St. Paul.

      _Hana Sahal (Sahal’s daughter), 22 months, St. Paul.

      _Scott Sathers, 29, Maple Grove.

      _Artemio Trinidad-Mena, 29, Minneapolis.
      He’s kinda like Bush nothing is his Fault
      But he did put an unQulified Person in charge just like Bush. head of mndot
      Little Kown law of mn hes don’t need the law makers to slash budgets and he’s using it this year can he add to the list

    3. Amanda Palmer says

      We shud ceased to b pseudo-civilised in allowing these alien warriors and nomads pillaging our society…we must put an end to this HINDU humiliation…Ourforefathers have paid for their leniency towards these BARBAROUS sub-humans…The South eastern mafia is run by them, bollywood is run by them, our Indian govt is decided by them and they have different euphemestic laws (SADIYA LOWS) for themselves against their atrocities as if they are some Millitary Organisation…SUCK MAN SUCKS…
      I invite a debate…why the hindus are facing atrocities in FART-ISTAN, MOLE-ASIA and BANG-LalaDesh…THEY ARE FAILED STATES and we serve there in minority…ITS TIMES TO FOR MUSLIM ETHNIC CLEANSING and yes Systematic one…we as non muslims need it…Also non muslims must leave all muslim countries and stop helping them grow their economies…THEY USE ALL SCIENTIFIC INVENTIONS and LUXURIES of NON MUSLIMS like cars, electicity, modern housing and KILL ON THE NAME OF HADITH and KORAN which promotes primitive living with only one mode of enjoyment FORCED SEX agianst KAFIRS Women (Read non muslims) and kids…

    4. Sadie Ann says

      Here are the names:

    5. Peyton Scott says

      Sue Ellen

    6. Hugo Zerpa says

      Birthday party ideas – Not sleepover or disco.

      I have these people:


      So 10 people. Thank you for any answers!

    7. jassi says

      look , i am in the Boys brigade (SINGAPORE) (which is a group in which we march and all that) ok. now i need to know all of thse commands so if you know the commands plese tell me. I REAllY need. Ok Thank You.

      p.s. i want the malay version with the meaning in english
      example – Squad ‘Sadiya’ means Squad Attention

      BECAUSE i dont understand malay


    8. alexandra gomerus says

      Damali Rose
      Sadiya Jane
      Acacia Lee

    9. kp1832 says

      I’m confused, in my mind I always thought that Allah SubhannahWaTa3lah had created women entirely independent. I had always thought that Allah (SWT) created Sadiya Howa from Sayidna Adam’s Rib a Christian View. Can Someone Clarify? Thankyou! RAMADAN KAREEM 🙂

    10. Khalyl Crawford Momy says

      its name was sadiya and iam a brilliant student and she is also

    11. Brian Fremeau says

      This or That?
      (oh and if you don’t like any of them, then choose the one you like more and if you like both, then you can say WHY u like both….)

      April or Aqua
      Amber or Abigail
      Ava or Eve
      Alice or Paris
      Amelia or Melanie
      Angelica or Angelina
      Alexandra or Alexis
      Bailey or Bianca
      Brenda or Brianna
      Betty or Brooke
      Brea or Bree
      Bethany or Beverly
      Bridget or Brittany
      Brandi or Brianna
      Barbara or Bonnie
      Belinda or Melinda
      Charlotte or Chloe
      Chelsea or Candace
      Carmel or Carmen
      Chanel or Chantelle
      Crystal or Courtney
      Cassandra or Cassie
      Delancey or Dacey
      Daisy or Dallyn
      Dana or Dani
      Daniella or Demitria
      Debora or Debby
      Dorothy or Dortha
      Diana or Dina
      Eden or Esme
      Eleanor or Emily
      Emma or Ella
      Elouise or Eloise
      Ester or Emilia
      Edeline or Elena
      Eva or Evelyn
      Evanna or Evailia
      Emerald or Ember
      Elaine or Eliana
      Evangeline or Evangelia
      Ebony or Erica
      Fallon or Fern
      Francine or Francesca
      Freya or Faith
      Faye or Fiona
      Farah or Felecia
      Fawn or Fae
      Felicity or Florence
      Grace or Gabrielle
      Gianna or Gloria
      Georgia or Georgina
      Genevieve or Gwendolyn
      Gwen or Gerri
      Gertrude or Gretchen
      Gladys or Gabrielle
      Gabby or Gayle
      Gardenia or Galena
      Garnet or Geisha
      Gemma or Genna
      Gizelle or Gina
      Glenda or Gilda
      Gretel or Grace
      Gracelynn or Gwenifer
      Goldie or Gwynn
      Gigi or Gertie
      Heidi or Hannah
      Hailey or Hallie
      Holly or Heather
      Henriette or Henrietta
      Hayley or Hadley
      Harper or Hilary
      Hope or Hazel
      Helen or Hermione
      Isabella or Elizabeth
      India or Indiana
      Jemma or Joanna
      Jemima or Jillian
      Jennifer of Jeanette
      June or Janice
      Jerusha or Johanna
      Juliet or Jolie
      Jasmine or Julia
      Josephine or Jocelyn
      Joy or Joyce
      Jody or Jade
      Janessa or Julie
      Lily or Lila
      Lillian or Lauren
      Leah or Lara
      Layla or Lola
      Lottie or Lilianna
      Lucille or Lucinda
      Lucy or Lucia
      Louise or Liv
      Lexi or Lydia
      Leona or Lana
      Laura or Lizzie
      Lacey or Lissy
      Mia or Maria
      Mariah or Marina
      Mae or May
      Michelle or Megan
      Mila or Miley
      Monique or Mikayla
      Michaela or Maegan (May – Guhn)
      Morgan or Mitchie
      Melissa or Miranda
      Melanie or Matilda
      Melody or Marissa
      Missy or Misty
      Mandy or Maci / Macy
      Nazia or Nadia
      Nicolina or Nicole
      Nikki or Nadine
      Nancy or Nelly
      Nia or Nyla
      Olivia or Olive
      Odette or Oprah
      Olympia or Ophelia
      Orabella or Omarosa (oh-mar- rosa)
      Ocean or Oceanna (oh-shee-anne-uh)
      Pagan or Paige
      Padma or Pamela
      Pansy or Paris
      Parker or Patricia
      Pearl or Patty
      Peggy or Penny
      Penelope or Pia
      Piper or Polly
      Pixie or Poppy
      Portia or Primrose
      Princess or Priscilla
      Priya or Priti
      Prudence or Pyralis
      Prudencia or Psyche
      Prue or Precious
      Rachael or Rachelle
      Rachel or Remedy
      Rebecca or Regina
      Rebekah or Riley
      Raven or Renesmee (not from twilight, it actually is a name….)
      Rihannon or Rihanna
      Ria or Richelle
      Rosa or Ronnie
      Rosalba or Rosaleen
      Rosalia or Rosalie
      Rosalind or Rosaline (line not lyn)
      Rosalyn or Rosamund
      Roseanna or Rosario
      Rose or Roseanne
      Roseclere or Roselyn
      Rosemarie or Rosetta
      Rosemary or Rosette
      Rosie or Rosina
      Rosine or Rositsa
      Roxanna or Roni
      Roxanne or Rozalia
      Ruby or Roxie
      Ryann (yes its 2 ‘n’s) or Rylan
      Saba or Sabeen
      Sabah or Sabella
      Sabina or Sabra
      Sabine or Sabriel
      Sabrina or Sadah
      Sadie or Sadiya
      Safa or Sahara
      Sahirah or Saidi
      Saima or Sakina
      Salama or Saleema
      Sally or Salma
      Sam or Samah
      Samantha or Samar
      Samara or Sameya
      Samiha or Samira
      Sana or Sandra
      Sandy or Sanam
      Sapphire or Sara
      Sarah or Saramah
      Sasha or Scarlett
      Selena or Serena
      Shakirah or Shannon
      Sharpay or Susan
      Sophia or Skye
      Sonya or Sophie
      Stacey or Stephanie
      Tanya or Tayla
      Taylor or Tawny
      Tawni or Tiara
      Unity or Unique
      Valentina or Valerie
      Vanessa or Verona
      Veronica or Veronique
      Viki or Viva
      Vicky or Vivian
      Vivianna or Vyra
      Wenda or Wanda
      Wendy or Willow
      Whitney or Whitley
      Xena or Xaria
      Xia or Xandy
      Xylia or Xola
      Yasmin or Yasma
      Yulia or Yvette
      Yvonne or Yvian
      Zabrina or Zahara
      Zahina or Zahra
      Zahrah or Zaida
      Zaila or Zania
      Zalika or Zamora
      Zandeleigh or Zandra
      Zara or Zaria
      Zariah or Zariel
      Zarifa or Zarina
      Zarita or Zarola
      Zasha or Zayn
      Zaynah or Zaynab
      Zita or Zia


      ok, i know it’s VERY VERY long, and one of you may not want to read it, but if you don’t want to do all of it, do as much as you can or want to, but remember, the person/people who does all of it, it’ll be more a chance i’ll vote them best answer with 5 points, so you can get an easy 10 points…..
      Good Luck!!!!


    12. Kristoffer Lygre says

      1week befor me and my husband had sex but he just enterd little amount of sperm.ans me soon that do i am carrying now my baby.if yes than i wana take care of it nd i get alot stmch pain nd nausea

    13. EK18 says

      I was requested to join my friends bloodline clan but i don’t know a name. Does anyone know a female vampire name that mat not be taken?

    14. Nick says

      They must not be difficult to pronounce.
      Preferably starts with A, L, N, R, S, or T. S is preferred.
      Must have a good meaning. Please provide the meanings if you know them. Thanks much!

    15. Knikki says

      I need some cute arabic Names for a baby girl. help please any suggestion would be great. thank you

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