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10 Questions to Test Your Knowledge on India’s Five Year Plans

UPSC or SSC exams surely has some questions on India’s five year plans because the economy of India is based in part on planning through its five-year plans. The planning commision develops susch five year plans. The  eleventh plan is currently underway. Prior to the fourth plan, the allocation of state resources was based on schematic patterns rather than a transparent and objective mechanism, which led to the adoption of the Gadgil formula in 1969. Revised versions of the formula have been used since then to determine the allocation of central assistance for state plans.

10 Questions on India’s Five Year Plans

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  1. Right now China is the “big cheese” in Asia no doubt and is on track to becoming the world’s largest economy.India is decades behind China in terms of economy but it is also growing at a fast pace.Ultimately,who do you think will have the larger economy (in terms of wealth).

    China has the better military now,but India isn’t far behind.Ultimately (again) who will have the better military in the future?

  2. I am writing a paper for high school and I’m just trying to find more information on this topic. The paper im trying to write about is the The United States offshore outsourcing to India, and the effects on India social cultural and economical life. And its comparison to the United States and its positive and negatives of outsourcing

  3. please link your source! 🙂
    im doing a school project on India and i cant find the answer anywhere!
    PLLLLLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

  4. can u use ur laptop and access internet if ur in air india economy class????
    and is there a plug outlet to keep the battery of ur laptop charged.?

  5. imoptant pleaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee answer need this for my school assignment

  6. In last week TN Deputy CM announced in one meeting that TN has the 3rd rank with respect to the fastest state growth in India. I could not concur with that. There was an argument going between with me and my friends, can you share your viewes by rating the state wise.

  7. No economy is a perfect economy. Govt. rules, taxes, corruption, etc are major factors of the strong existence of the black economy. Its an integral part of our nation’s wealth and its everywhere. What is the anatomy / flowchart / whereabouts of this parallel world?

  8. the EU? It is only a matter of time before China surpass USA economy, India will soon too, the EU is already stronger and if it was a complete country it would be the most powerful nation in the world, But China will be the real country to overrtake you. Then India. It is only a matter of time, the USA will continue to fall in everything! 🙁 sadface. Just start learning spanish, you’re gonna need it 😉 lolz

  9. I m not understanding there are people saying that FDI is good for developing economy like India but then there is other set of people saying it has more disadvantages like inflation, lose control over domestic policy and more. I m really confused is this good for our economy with a country which already have so many MNC’s that’s what i want to understand and how?

  10. Who colonized South Asia and what were some results?

    Where is the cultural hearth in South Asia?

    Eask Pakistan was the former name for which country?

    Who caused the civil in Sri Lanka?

    Basis of India’s economy?

    India’s population?

    Please answer as many of these as you can. Thank you very much!

  11. What are the most important challenges for the current and future generation.
    1. Sustainable development like preserving water resources, forests, and environment.
    2. More food production to feed ever growing population like agriculture jobs.
    3.creating clean energy to fight against climate change and reduce the dependency on fossil fuels which will help a lot for developing economies like India and china.
    Out of three which one you will choose as your career. your views based on earnings, recognition, reputation in society and satisfaction.Only some wise and sincere answers.

  12. I am doing gcse economics and am currently studying developing economies (India and China in particular). I have to write several points on how the growth of India and China has had an impact on the UK. I have to include the following: workers, businesses, consumers, and government. Thanks in advance!

  13. China has better army forces and technology’s and good economy then India even it is communist country. But our country still have millions of poor people.

  14. I’ve recently been looking at economic growth of developing countries. Without a doubt, the most notable country is China. Among the major developing economies, the ones with smaller populations have all transitioned into a more or less democratic system of government and this doesn’t seem to hamper their development much. China and India though, both with populations of over 1 billion, look completely different. India has modeled its gov’t after the British parliamentary system. China, on the other hand, has an authoritarian government. Today, China is the world’s 2nd largest economy, India is the 11th. Though their disparity in development is a really complex issue, I think a major factor is China’s authoritarian government can get things done quickly and efficiently, India’s corrupt bureaucracy and parliament can’t agree on anything, therefore dragging the entire country with it.

    Do you think an authoritarian regime with relatively capable leaders is better than a divisive democracy for a developing nation?

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