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10 Questions on Classification of Plants and Animals : Biology Quiz

classification plants and animals

pixel2013 / Pixabay

Plants and animals communicate with each other in the environment. They also communicate with the setting itself. The plants and also animals rely on each other.Animals and also people depend upon plants. Pets need food, defense as well as sanctuary. In human terms, food, clothing and sanctuary.


  • Plants are used as sources of food and goods for human beings.
  • They can be used for shelter.
  • They supply shade for defense from the hot sun.
  • Humans use plants for gas. We additionally use plants making fabric, dyes and also medications.

Some people utilize plants as well as plant product as decoration to make themselves attractive. Animals and people depend upon various other pets. In the food web, some animals each other animals and use them for food. Human beings also make use of pets as resources of food as well as garments.

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