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10 Objective Questions on Religious Rig Vedic Period


VedicReligious vedic period saw the sacred text of Rigveda  which is among the most talked about four Vedas of Hindus . Some of its verses are still recited as Hindu prayers, at religious functions and other occasions, putting these among the world’s oldest religious texts in continued use. The Rigveda contains several mythological and poetical accounts of the origin of the world, hymns praising the gods, and ancient prayers for life, prosperity, etc

Here is your test on 10 questions on religious vedic period

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    1. alexis coverdale says

      what was the most productive time in indian history in terms of medicine, technology and helping the environment ?

    2. nightmare of my mom says

      @ Bhomi, if I AM the bastard,harami
      are you the bit-ch who gave birth to me

    3. Brooklyn Bones says

      I have to write an essay on this but I can’t find much information on how it changed the course of Indian history. Can someone please help me and list some ways on how it changed/affected Indian history? Thank you so much. 🙂

    4. veronica moreno says

      you can choose any incident from the indian history.

    5. Jelena says

      How different is the Sanskrit of the Rig Veda from the Sanskrit of the Puranas?

    6. 420friendsonline says


      I need it now so give me some importance about vedic and any just not to long the important information about vedic period…..

      i need it because i will report this…

      and give me some ideas so we can present this topic…. like role play, reporting, drawing, and many more we have 9 members…


    7. Oficial Sebastian says

      hello! i am a NRI and i am interested to know about the indian history of independence and before independence? can any one tell me some sites and resources where i can find the detailed very detailed information of freedom struggle of india?

    8. Taylor Schifano says

      “Ahasuerus who used to rule over a hundred and twenty-seven provinces5 extending all the way from India to Ethiopia”- (Esther-OT)- No history says this. There is not even a single word of India or Indian names in Bible. Then why this sentence? If it is true ? has distruction of Indian Temples and Idols made, according to the GODs Order by Him because the same thing done in other CRUSADES? any Idea please?

    9. Graciela Groden says

      I need help with history and don’t know this please help me!

    10. PunkNation1000 says

      If yes, what were the religious and spiritual practices followed during those times? Your valuable inputs are welcome. Non-Hindus may refrain from answering this question. Thank You.

    11. Rafael Arruda says

      With particular reference to issues like right to hold property, inheritance, right to participate/conduct vedic rituals, right to education etc. Instead of general explanation I expect precise answers sufficiently supported by quotes from Rig Veda.

    12. Dylan W says

      compare and contrast rig veda and genesis (roman catholic)

    13. Logan G de Oliveira says

      The Ancient Chinese and Indian cultures were the most advanced in the world, even more than the Egyptians, so if this is the case why is the history of both countries not taught in school?
      Im in UK btw.

    14. U MustB Outyo Mind says

      What is the significance of the four “varnas”, the social classes in India, in the indian history?

    15. Getcha Hoe Mayne says

      I am a non-Indian student trying to research why Indian nationals believe it is important to study their history.
      This is for a course on Indian history I am currently studying.
      Thanks Much!!
      What about Indian history is peculiar to the region that makes it of particular interest to students?

    16. Jasmine says

      I have searched on the net for this and i still dont know. So hopefully someone out there can help me out that knows Hinduism really well or knows someone with the answer.

    17. Aklmda Bir Tek Sen says

      a) the four castes were created according to the wills of Indra and Agni.
      b) Purusha, a primeval being sacrificed himself in order to create the four castes.
      c) the Brahman priests created the four castes with themselves at the top.
      d) the four castes emanated from the four parts of Purusha when the gods sacrificed him.
      e) none of the above.

    18. haripriya says

      hi, please send the above questions to my mail id

    19. Jeff says

      I just the oxford Indian history cover to cover and would like to contrast that with a history written by a Indian..It has to be in english–what is the best book out there?????

    20. Sarah Straley says

      help please! there are so many questions in this hymn but there is only one that is the central question. thanks 🙂

    21. Bri-Bri says

      Why was 1857 a turning point in Indian history? WHAT happened that year and HOW did it change indian history?


    22. Kheph says

      Can someone please describe the Rig Veda too mee….what does it have to do with the horse sacrafice??? help ASAP

    23. iNiCK1216 says

      What are some good books, or sites that have detailed history of India? I’ve been reading Bhagavadgita from Mahabharata which I guess has inspired me to learn more about Indian culture, but I don’t know where to start. Any help is appreciated

    24. Daniel Tarbell says

      I’m writing a paper about being a shudra durring the vedic period of india.
      And i need to know;

      Who was in power during this time?
      How was power transferred?
      What rights/freedoms did individuals have?

      Please help. ((:

    25. Virgil Freel says

      Please tell me the names of few war chariots of Indian history or mythology.

    26. Phaith says

      does anyone knoe anything in indian histroy.(from india) caue i cnt find anythig on the hisroy channel so i wanted to know if anyone knew about indian war history, what battles and wars was india part of and what types of weapons did they invent, i know one weapon indian rockets invented by tipu sultan but what others are there.

    27. lamar wilson says

      If anybody knows about this myth could they explain how it works to me? It seems very complicated and I can’t seem to understand how it works.

    28. _Michelle_ says

      I’m trying to figure out if Pre-vedic period was included in one of them: Paleolithic and Neolithic period.

    29. cometfan117 says

      Do you know where i can find an animation of Indian history in the past 2000 years (flash/ppt etc) in a chronological order. Can you pls help ?

    30. accorn34 says

      The Rig Veda is the oldest of the Vedas. All the other Vedas are based upon it and consist to a large degree of various hymns from it. It consists of a thousand such hymns of different seers, each hymn averaging around ten verses. The Rig Veda is the oldest book in Sanskrit or any Indo-European language. Its date is debatable. Many great Yogis and scholars who have understood the astronomical references in the hymns.

    31. Lorena Bobbitt says

      If you answer: “Because the Holy Spirit inspired the Bible” or something like that then please provide evidence for this besides the Bible

    32. TeamBrunoMars says

      I want to organize a seminar on Indian history in Delhi in November. How can I receive a grant of Rs. 1 lakh from an organization spending on corporate social responsibility?

    33. Joyce batista says

      other cities mentioned in the Vedas.

    34. Tiger Did It On Em says

      Atheism has been around since the Vedic Period (around 1700-1100 BCE) and the term name itself has been used since the 16th century, yet I have seen several entries on this site saying that Darwin invented it, these same people state that he was the anti-Christ, why is it that people believe moronic ideas like this, was just there upbringing or do they just think that out of pure ignorance?
      the Vedic Period is when the Vedas, the oldest scriptures in Hinduism, were composed.

    35. Matthew Lowe says

      such as the Scorpion, the Goat..etc..where these were created and who assigned them and when?

      please explain what you can too Hindu astrology is? and how different “Vedic” astrology” is and what about China? how they got such a strange symbolism compared to western astrology? (As their animals dont really fit the descriptions of the signs in western astrology really do they?)

      thansk for your answers!

    36. Rafael Mestre says

      Please let me know how to make a vedic horoscope chart manually without using any software.
      Prefereably in the north indian style.
      Dont point me to the websites that do it for us. I want to do it manually by hand on a sheet of paper.
      *People* wrote that software. And I want to know what they referred to write that software. Please let me know the books/links where I can refer to the panchangam/planetary positions
      Edit 2:

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