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10 Mixed General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions

General Knowledge questions for practice . This set is mixed set containing geography,sports, business quiz , and even general economy. Those who are sitting for UPSC or SSC or Bank PO or other higher service cometitive exams, should check if they score high on thsi General Knowledge set.

General Knowlegde Questions Set Mixed


Comments ( 28 )

  1. can anyone suggest a few gk questions or any website for gk questions (for class 8)

  2. I am really chosen in it!So i just want the questions FOR FREE!


  4. any website available that provide gk questions ?

  5. kimberly snelling
    March 13, 2012 at 6:46 AM

    and what is the national game of nepal?some say it is dandibiyo.some kapardi..same say there’s not any..
    I need them for my quiz on sunday

  6. is urgent quiz is tomorrow

  7. I am selected in a Quiz Competition and they are gonna give questions like: “Who is a cartographer?”
    AND “What is the middle name of Tiger Woods?”. As in totally random but GK questions. And the quiz is coming up and I don’t know where to study from. Can u guys pls tell me where i can find these kinda question online?

  8. Please answer yes only if they were in the paper you appeared for. In a book containing previous years’ papers they have included GK; however I didn’t get any in the AFMC QP I appeared for last year.


  9. i need some good gk questions on the topic “Inventions and discoveries and more of 2009.I need questions on this topic based on science.Note that this questions is to be given for Grade i need questions accordingly..Thanks n Please post as soon as possible

  10. sickcallaway Sarcastic Joker
    May 12, 2012 at 1:21 PM

    its very urgent .i have to pass for the exams in that in two days.
    gk means general knowledge questions for accademic exams.
    ihave no chance through schools or collages .iam preparing through online so i have asked for online sites

  11. I know total 150 questions. I want to know the number questions asked from each sections such as gk, maths and reasoning

  12. i am very poor in GK anyone knows a good site where i can go per day and got lots of information.

  13. i am going to write bank po exam. i need to know from what all corners the general awareness question are taken from. whether reading daily news papers like hindu is enough or something extra also have to be gone through. how to answer those questions regarding financial questions.

  14. Like, whats the history behind it.

    I know its a hard question but there are a lot of smart people on here so they would probably know.

  15. I am planning to shift from software field to banking field. In the bank interview, apart from general technical questions, what other basic questions an exp software engineer be prepared for?
    Could someone help me out on this?

  16. Although i have put in science section but it is a gk question ….:)

  17. I know it is Aptitude, reasoning, GK & GE. But i want to know the format of each and every parts.

  18. I am a high school senior and I am trying to figure out what college I want to go to. The question above is something that I would like to study and I’m trying to figure out what field this is. Obviously it is science based but what is a more narrow term to call this? Is there a major that involves this question?
    Please help.

    Your dumb friend,
    I would like to ask the better question: Why do people do the things they do? <—That is what I want to know.

  19. A 25.0 mL sample of benzene (C6H6) at 19.9 degrees Celsius was cooled to its melting point (5.5 degrees Celsius) and then frozen. How much heat was given off in this process? The density of benzene is 0.80 g/mL, its specific heat capacity is 1.74 J/gK, and its heat of fusion is 127 J/g.
    Could you explain why the sign is negative/positive?

  20. I have visited many sites but none seem to be giving me good questions. I nedd questions for 7th and 8th standard students.

  21. If you start with 0.456 kg of ice at -36.0C and heat it to form steam at 308.0C, answer the following questions in the appropriate boxes. Use the correct number of significant digits in each case, and remember the units:

    The heat required to get the ice to 0C.
    The heat required to melt the ice.
    The heat required to get the water to 100C.
    The heat required to boil the water.
    The heat required to heat the steam to the final temperature.
    The total heat required.

  22. As question states…
    Are there any stories within the Bible that may have some kind of correspondence with the story of Daphne and Apollo? (When Apollo is struck by Cupid’s arrow and therefore falls in love with Daphne, who is transformed into a laurel tree)
    I’m not a reader of the Bible, nor am I familiar w/ any stories aside from Adam and Eve, etc.
    Thank you for any answers!

  23. Im preparing for CLAT 2013. I wanted to know what type of current affair questions come in GK section in clat it only of this year or the year before as well..

  24. Biology question that seems to make no sence to me. Could someone please take the time to help me.

  25. Hi.

    I was wondering whether you can activate Bottomless Trap Hole a Gravekeeper’s Descendant before it’s effect resolves to destroy Bottomless Trap Hole when it is set. Another question, If GK Descendant uses it’s affect to destroy my set Compulsory Evacuation Device, can I chain it before Descendant’s effect resolves?


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