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10 Interesting Facts on Floyd Mayweather: More Interesting than Boxing

#1. Floyd Mayweather, an American professional boxer who is a professional boxer is an undefeated world champion to have won ten world titles and four different weight classes.
#2. As per the Forbes list, he was the highest paid athlete in the year 2014.
#3. Born into a family of boxers, Mayweather had a disturbed childhood. His mother was addicted to drugs while his father never did all the things that a father would normally do for his son.
#4. For the first time he featured in WWE’s No Way Out event that was held in Las Vegas in 2008. He jumped the security barricade and attacked Big Show in a bid to help Rey Mysterio. Big Show received a broken nose an challenged him to a no disqualification match at Wrestle Mania XXIV the next night. Mayweather defeated him in a single knock out at this match and it is rumored that he received $20 million for the bout.
#5. He has often faced charges of domestic violence wherein he had to undergo a suspension, community service and even a house arrest.
#6. The bout between Mayweather and Pacquiao which is due to take place on 2nd May, 2015 was postponed several times before owing to various disagreements and negotiations. This match is financially split into 60%-40% wherin Mayweather takes 60% and the rest 40% will be taken by Pacquiao.
#7. Mayweather is rumored to bet in seven digits for various sporting events.
#8. While Mayweather spends millions on necklaces, necklaces worth $7 million were stolen from his house.
#9. Mayweather holds a single bank account that holds about $123 million!
#10. Apart from two fleet of luxury cars, Mayweather owns a G5 private jet in which he does not allow bis body guards to travel for fear of putting too much weight on the plane. Therefore, his bodyguards travel in a separate plane.

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