U.S History Quiz on The Civil War : 20 Multiple Choice Questions

The American Civil War was a civil battle in the United States battled from 1861 to 1865. The Union encountered secessionists in eleven Southern states grouped together as the Confederate States of America. The Union won the war, which continues to be the bloodiest in U.S. history. Amongst the 34 U.S. states in January 1861, Seven Southern servant states individually declared their secession from the United States and also created the Confederate States of America. War burst out in April 1861 when Confederates attacked the U.S. fortress Fort Sumter. The Confederacy grew to include eleven states; it declared two even more states and also several western regions. The Confederacy was never diplomatically acknowledged by any type of international country. The states that stayed faithful including border states where enslavement was legal, were known as the Union or the North. The war ended with the surrender of all the Confederate militaries as well as the collapse of Confederate government in spring 1865. Click here for U.S.A History Facts

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