Test Your Knowledge on Post Gupta Art & Culture

Published on November 20, 2011

The Gupta Period was golden age for art & culture.In post Gupta period, kingdoms of South expanded till Northern part of India. Even in their period, like Gupta Period, many temeples were built which was the center for arts .

Quick 10 questions on Arts & Culture in Post Gupta Period

Which temple among following is not known for erotic sculpture ?  

The monuments at Khajuraho belong to the period of:  

Which of the following is not related to GandharaSchoolof Art?  

An example of Chola architecture can be seen at: 

The Khajuraho shrines built by Chandella rulers are dedicated to : 

Who built the famous Dilwara temple at Mount Abu in the 13th century ? 

The originators of the Dravidian style of architecture and sculpture inSouth Indiawere:  

Who is credited to have built the statue of Gomateswara at Sravanabelagola ?  

 Pallava kings are remembered as the makers of rock-cut temples at:  

.Match the following :   Places of                  Located in Historical Monuments   A. Angkorvat            1.Afghanistan B. Borobudur             2.Sri Lanka C. Bamiyan               3. Java D. Anuradha-           4.Kampuchea Puram              5.Nepal A B C D                  A B C D

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