Test Your Knowledge on Food & Enhance Your Health

health_food_quizFood has direct link with health.Several health conditions are directly related to the kind of  food we eat and therefore , their use many times prevent or treat diseases. It is better that one prepares a nutrition diet chartto keep a track of your nutritional diet requirements . But before that one need to have knowledge on foods . Here is a quick quiz on food

Test Your Knowledge on Food & Enhance Your Health



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Which of the following  is least in infectious ? 

Which of the following  is not a mosquito bone disease? 

The protein of rich grain is of good quality being rich in 

The main difference between raw soyabeans and cooked soyabeans is in respect of 

Com milk is a rich source of  

Which of the following diseases is characterized by inflammation of the membranes covering the  brain and spinal cord ? 

Which of the following seeds can benefit a patient of diabetes mellitus by normalizing his blood sugar level?  

A specific test for detection of tuberculosis is 

Which of the following sweetens does not provide any energy to the body ?  

Which of the following are responsible for the spread of AIDS ?  1 Blood transfusion        2 Sexual contact        3  Cough contact


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