Test Your Knowledge on Class-VII Electricity Chapter

Electricity-QuizThe word Electricity  is from the New Latin ēlectricus, “amber-like ” coined in the year 1600 from the Greek  meaning amber (hardened plant resin), because electrical effects were produced classically by rubbing amber.Electricity is a general term encompassing a variety of phenomena such as lightning, static electricity, and the flow of electrical current in an electrical wire.

Test Class VII Level Quiz on Electricity

In which case the flow of current will be more?

Which will have higher resistance? 

What is nichrome  used for making ? 

What is the filament of bulb made of?

What many cells of 1.5 V will be needed to make a battery of 12V? 

Which of following is good insulator?

A  fuse is made up of special wire whose

A long wire will have:

In which of the following devices are electromagnets not used?

Why is soft iron core used for making electromagnets?

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