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Test Your Knowledge on Carbons and its Compunds

carbon_compoundsCarbon is an element  found in elemental form and in the combined form.The compounds containing carbon are , in most case , associated with hydrogen . For example  hydrocarbons are fuels that produce heat on burning.   Carbon compounds are used in some form  in almost all aspects of our daily life as we have seen earlier.So here is 10 multiple Choice questions on Carbon and its compounds

Carbons and its Compounds


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Carbon shows covalency of:

Which of the following is not an allotrope of carbon?

Due to the weak Van der Walls' forces and less distance between the layers, graphite:

Which of the following is true for covalent bond?

Nitrogen molecule is formed by sharing of :

Cyclohexane and Benzene are:

Saturated hydrocarbons burn with:

The short polar end of soap molecule is of:

The I.U.P.A.C name of CH3CH2CH=CH2 is?

Graphite differs from Diamond because graphite is:


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