Test Your GK on Current Affairs-Next Set

A quick test on current affairs knowledge  is all what you should do to  know where you are . UPSC Or other exams require better knowledge of current affairs-be it political news,domestic or international or sports or science or any major event taking place in world and India. So here is another test set for you check the current affairs preparation

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In October 2011 India signed an extradition treaty with ----

Election Commission of India has raised minimum vote cap to get state of state Parties. The new minimum limit in state Assemble or Lok Sabha elections is -- 

India has recently launched world's cheapest Tablet PC -

India's has formalised the long pending Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection agreement with 

India's High Networth Individual Population rises in 2010 

Which Central Asian country recently passed Restrictive Religion Law ? 

"Sirte which hogged the head lines recently is located in 

South India's first Metro Rail Service was inaugurated in October 2011 in -

The first Woman  Jawan of India is 

International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) Prize has been conferred on -----


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