Test Your General Knowledge on Mughal Rule in India

Published on October 10, 2011

mughalHere is a test for checking your knowledge on Mughal period in India. The Mughal Empire  founded in 1526 and survived officially till 1858. This period was also considered golden period of India  by some historians. After the Mughal period , British Raj  was established .

The Mughal dynasty was founded when Babur, hailing from Modern Uzbekistan, invaded parts of northern India and defeated Ibrahim Shah Lodhi, the ruler of Delhi, at the First Battle of Panipat in 1526. The Mughal Empire superseded the Delhi Sultanate as rulers of northern India.

10 Questions for Your Knowledge on Mughal Period

Where was Babur born?

At what age did Babur become a ruler?

When did Babur's father die?

Babur was the ___________ descendant form Timur's side.

When did Babur die?

When did Humayun become a ruler?

When did Humayun die?

How many years did Sher Shah rule?

Who wrote Sher Shah's history?

Where is Sher Shah's tomb situated?

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