Test Your Knowledge on General Science – Mixed

Science quiz or general knowledge on science is a must for everyone aspiring to have cleared eithe giovernment service or management enetrance test. Various exams for banks and financial instiutution also asks questions from science. So here is one set of 10 general knoeledge questions on scince primarliry for UPSC and SSC exams Test Your […]

10 Quick Questions on Total Lunar Eclipse Scheduled on Saturday

The year 2011 ends with a rare but  second total lunar eclipse on Saturday, Dec. 10, . This is  a rare chance to see a strange celestial sight traditionally thought impossible.Lunar eclipse occur when  the sun and moon are exactly 180 degrees apart in the sky and earth comes between sun and moon.Know more or […]

10 Fast Objective Type Questions on Science to Test Your Knowledge

The subject of science is very vast. So the questions covering science can be from chemistry, physics or biology or space science or earth or human body or animals . The topics are endless. Here is a mixed question set of 10 objective type questions to test your knowledge . Test Your Knowledge on Science  Easy Quiz     [viral-lock message=”After […]

10 Quick Questions to Test You on Discoveries and Inventions

The quiz on inventions and discoveries to remind us of the great work of our fore fathers. Invention and discoveries are something very special to human race and distinct it from other animals as the intellect of the human brain is always in search of answers and solution for the betterment of life on whole earth. There happened to be great […]

Fast 10 Quizzes on General Science For Exams

General Science is a permanent fixture when questions on general knowledge is set for competitive exams. The word “science” became increasingly associated with the disciplined study of the natural world including physics, chemistry, geology and biology.The following questions are prepared to quiz you through the typical questions in physics  . The level is for higher rated competitive exams like UPSC or Bank […]