Quiz on The Era of Good Feelings to the Age of Jackson : 10 MCQs (Part 2)

The Era of Good Feelings noted a period in the political history of the United States that reflected a sense of nationwide function as well as a desire for unity among Americans in the after-effects of the Napoleonic Wars.The period saw the collapse of the Federalist Party as well as an end to the bitter partial disagreements between it and the leading Democratic-Republican Party throughout the First Party System.President James Monroe strove to downplay partisan affiliation in making his nominations, with the ultimate objective of national unity as well as removing events completely from nationwide politics.The period is so very closely connected with Monroe’s presidency (1817 to 1825) as well as his management goals that his name and also the age are practically associated.

The designation of the duration by historians as one of good feelings is frequently communicated with paradox or apprehension, as the background of the age was one where the political atmosphere was stressed and also divisive, particularly amongst intrigues within the Monroe management as well as the Republican Party.

The expression Era of Good Feelings was created by Benjamin Russell, in the Boston Federalist newspaper, Columbian Centinel, on July 12, 1817, following Monroe’s visit to Boston, Massachusetts, as part of his good-will scenic tour of America. Click here for Quiz on The Great Depression of USA and the Second World War : 10 MCQs

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