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Quick Test on Accountancy-class XI- Recording of Transactions


accountancyRecording of transactions is most important and central event of accountancy. One can not account for without proper recording of transaction. All business transactions whether perta9in to the owner or to the outsiders, are recorded in the books of business. But owner’s personal transactions are not recorded anywhere in the books of business.

10 questions on  Class-XI -Chapter Recording of Transaction

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  1. Tyler Fruth says

    I want some business books that focus on mistakes made by companies and I do not mean a book that is trying to give me advice on how to start up a business or something like that. I want one that is talking about a real company that made alot of mistakes.

  2. Jeff Atkins says

    I want to open my own little business… Maybe even expand later on
    (Small business on the internet preferably)
    Just need some guidance on what books I should read.

  3. Iaki Ibero says

    I know of Jack Welch book, Success.
    And books written by Donald Trump, in addition to the Bill Gates book about Technology.
    But Im looking for a really good business book written by a billionaire.


  4. BuildDownToAnathema says

    Specifically marketing, advertising, sales, management and real estate books. There are many books by people such as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, but what kinds of books out there are best to read for these certain categories? Please specify which books cover which category, thanks.

  5. victoria tais says

    I want to turn into a shark, and I’m reading everything I can.
    Any good aggressive business books?

  6. Clara says

    I want to know if anyone has any recommendations on business type books for beginners, I would prefer investments,stocks, finances types of business books…I’ve just recently taken a keen interest in business and would like to learn more, any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks a lot everyone

  7. Shelby says

    A small part of my job is taking minutes at meetings for some of our subsidiary companies and I need some help understanding what goes on in them. Specifically, something about financial statements (statutory and GAAP) and anything about investments (conventional and alternative) may be helpful. I’m looking for a really basic book or books, to increase my own understanding. Any ideas?
    I have basically no understanding of business or financial statements. I need the most basic, beginner level information.

  8. Hannah Krieg says

    I am a Business Administration student at the University of Oregon and want to start reading more than just my course books. I have read some classics like “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu and more recent business books like “The Little Red Book of Selling” and “Good to Great.” What are some other books that every business student should read before going into the real world. Thanks.

  9. Kevin says

    Except “for the dummies” books of course. I’m trying to gain some knowledge about business. Books that easy to understand and grasp the basics are preferable. All answers are very appreciated.thank you.

  10. no name says

    I would like recommendations for biographies or autobiographies of famous businessmen or business strategy books. I currently have an idea for an electronic product that should be patented within the coming month and no background in business I need all the help I can get. Thank you
    For the smartass who told me to read Jack “Walsh” and decided to ask a smartass question over yahoo answers… I believe you you meant Jack WELCH, so now that you are unable to spell the authors name correctly I disregard your answer. Thank for the help (sarcasm).

  11. Thylla Pimentinha says

    I’m starting a few businesses with strong online presences. A few will ship physical items, and the others will be digital.

    Please give me suggestions of books, readings, videos, sites or documentaries I’ll need to see to get started.

    What are the 12 books I should read to start a business?

  12. Elke Maloney says

    I received a large number of books from some of my professors who were throwing out textbooks so I put them online but I am running low. How do people get low cost books to sell online?

  13. Jeffrey Daniels says

    but I have no Idea how to start,shall i ask clients for the books they need and then provide them indiviually upon their request,and what are the prices of books in Dollars,I just need the average of Prices ,,Please i need help and ideas!!

  14. Rique says

    I know some common books in business are

    Rich Dad Poor Dad
    Think and Grow Rich
    and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

    If these are some helpful books, feel free to mention them again and state how they’ve helped you. Otherwise I’m open to hearing other suggestions on good business books you’ve read!

  15. Larissa says

    Our business had a fire. We have received several payments from the insurance company… for loss of profit and for equipment replacement etc. We have rebuilt and are open again. Are these cheques considered revenue or what? What is the entry I need to make to record these?

  16. Cristin Rosselot G says

    This is a homebased business which uses a desktop hot foil stamping machine to print foil onto books, business cards, wedding cards, greeting cards, lighters, keyrings, pens, pencils, rulers, anything that can be foil printed.

  17. Ali T says

    I`m starting a used books online business.I`m getting more enquiries for fiction books, but it is very cheap,i need to sell huge amounts to make profits.

  18. kdj108 says

    Please help I need help finding the test bank for the book Business Law and the Legal Environment, 5th edtion by Beatty/ Samuelson with the ISBN- 1-111-00215 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?? would like to find the test bank file for free!

  19. My Fathers Child says

    I want to start an audio book business in my country. I want to publish world-wide known books not those in my language. Do I have to and how can I track down the authors of the books I want to publish so that I can pay them author’s fees?

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