Math Magic: Easiest & Fastest Way to Multiply & Divide by 5

Published on December 4, 2011

Most of the exams and test for higher level service or enginerring test or management tests require mathematical skills. That include skill to do fast soltion to elementary maths . The timing is crucial in these exams. So , if you know the fatsest way to multiply or divide , it saves yopu pelnty of time. Today, fastest way to multiply and didvide by 5 is taught. It will take minutes to understand the math trick , but after that you will not need even pen and paper for multiplication by five or didvidion by five.

Math Magic: Division by 5


Suppose you need to divide 1256  by  5 . 

Trick : Multiply  by 2 , and place a decimal before unit digit

In this case , multiplication with 2 gives result of  2512 .

Place one decimal before unit digit i.e 2 , So the answer is  251.2


Math Magic: Multiplcation  by 5

Suppose you need to multiply  1256  by  5 . 

STEP 1 : Just half the number i.e divide by 2 . SO in this case 1256/2 = 628

Step 2: If the result after dividing by 2 is whole number [ i.e without any decimal] then place one ZERO after the result .  Like in the case of example , the result after halving the number 1256 , is without decimal so ,  we put one zero at the end and the answer is 6280

However, if the result after halving the number is with any decimal , ignore the decimal and put 5 ate the end .

For example , if you multifply number 121 x 5 , then 

Step 1: Halve the number i.e 121/2 = 60.5

Step 2: Ignore any thing written after decimal and just put 5 at the end 

So answer is 605

Practice on following fours sums and see how fast you are

2567 x 5= ??

234 divided by 5= ??

567 x 5 =??

44444 divided by 5

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