Math Magic: Easiest & Fastest Way to Multiply & Divide by 5

Most of the exams and test for higher level service or enginerring test or management tests require mathematical skills. That include skill to do fast soltion to elementary maths . The timing is crucial in these exams. So , if you know the fatsest way to multiply or divide , it saves yopu pelnty of time. Today, fastest way to multiply and didvide by 5 is taught. It will take minutes to understand the math trick , but after that you will not need even pen and paper for multiplication by five or didvidion by five.

Math Magic: Division by 5


Suppose you need to divide 1256  by  5 . 

Trick : Multiply  by 2 , and place a decimal before unit digit

In this case , multiplication with 2 gives result of  2512 .

Place one decimal before unit digit i.e 2 , So the answer is  251.2


Math Magic: Multiplcation  by 5

Suppose you need to multiply  1256  by  5 . 

STEP 1 : Just half the number i.e divide by 2 . SO in this case 1256/2 = 628

Step 2: If the result after dividing by 2 is whole number [ i.e without any decimal] then place one ZERO after the result .  Like in the case of example , the result after halving the number 1256 , is without decimal so ,  we put one zero at the end and the answer is 6280

However, if the result after halving the number is with any decimal , ignore the decimal and put 5 ate the end .

For example , if you multifply number 121 x 5 , then 

Step 1: Halve the number i.e 121/2 = 60.5

Step 2: Ignore any thing written after decimal and just put 5 at the end 

So answer is 605

Practice on following fours sums and see how fast you are

2567 x 5= ??

234 divided by 5= ??

567 x 5 =??

44444 divided by 5

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