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Biosphere : Test Your Knowledge through 10 Quizzes

General Knowledge on biosphere is important for exams. So , a quick simple 10 quizzes on biosphere for readers. The biosphere is all about life and generally  describe our living world on earth and extends to the upper areas of the …

Check Your General Knowledge on Earth

Ready to test your knowledge on Earth! Sometimes earth is referred as  the Blue Planet, or by its Latin name. It is considered formed 4.54 billion years ago, and life appeared on its surface within one billion years.  Earth's biosphere has…

Quiz on Minerals and Power : 10 Quick Questions

The following section consist of Minerals and Power quiz. Take the quiz and check how much you can score. A naturally occurring substance which has a definite chemical composition is called mineral. Minerals can be identified on the basis…

Quiz on Lithosphere : 10 Quick Questions

A lithosphere outer covering of a terrestrial-type earth or all-natural satellite that is specified by its stiff mechanical homes. In the world, it is made up of the crust and also the portion of the upper mantle that behaves elastically…

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