Another set of 10 Multiple Choice Question on General Science

A ten questions quiz set  on general Science is fun and worth trying. It is fascinating and fun to take your test on knowledge of general science and see how you fare at the test.The questions are of multiple choice type and arranged in manner to truly test your preparation for exams.

Another set of 10 Multiple Choice Question on General Science

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What is the correct sequence in which the lengths of the following units increase ? 1. Angstrom               2. Micron 3.  Nanometer Select the correct answer using the codes given below 2008 

 Which one of the following is the unit of activity of a radioactive source?2008

A  pendulum clock  is set to give correct time at the sea level. The clock is moved to a hill station at an altitude above sea level . in order to keep correct time on the hill staion which one of the following adjustments is required ?2008

Which one of the following remains constant while throwing a ball upward ?  2008] 

A proton and an electron having equal velocity are allwed to pass through a uniform magnetic field. Which one of the following statements is  correct in this connection ?  

 Asyringe is a hollow glass tube with lower end tapered to a nozzle. Due to which one of the following liquid can be drawn into a syringe ?  

In a sitar wire which one of the following types of vibration is produced ?   

Which of the following statements is / are true regarding a light wave traveling from air to glass ?   1 Its frequency remains unchanged.2. Its speed changes.

 D C  current can be controlled by which one of the following components ?   

  Which one among the following radiations carries maximum energy ?   


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