10 More GK Questions on Post Gupta Period-2

Published on November 17, 2011

GuptasThe decline of the Guptas created chaos and resulted in large scale displacement of peoples continued for some time. Small kingdoms vied with each other for the heritage of Guptas. The Maukharis first held the region of western U.P. around Kanauj , but gradually they ousted the later Guptas and made them move to Malwa.The pushyabhut ruled  Thaneswar north of Delhi but because of  a marriage alliance with the Maukharis , they were united into one kingdom. Post gupta period first set was posted here

Here is another set on Post Gupta Period

Which of the following was considered to have the qualities of Samudragupta and Ashoka? 

Pulakesin II defeated Harshavardhana on the river :

Read the following statements : I.  He is called the last great Hindu emperor ofIndia. II. The famous Chinese traveler, Hieun Tsang visitedIndiaduring his reign III.He was the author of Priyadarshika, Ratnavali and Naganada IV. His administration was similar to that of the Guptas, except that it had become more feudal and decentralized V. A Shaiva in his early years he gradually became a great patron of Buddhism The statements are about:

Which of the following statements are true with regard of Harshvardhana ? 1. He defeated the Gauda ruler, Sasanka 2. He ruled Kunnauj without taking up any royal insignia 3. Harsha was defeated by the Chalukyan ruler Pulakesin II 4.He did not maintain any foreign relations

 Harshawardhan did not write.........

NalandaUniversityflourished during the reign of which of the following rulers? 

After the decline of the Gupta, a larger part ofNorth Indiawas reunited by:  

Which place was ruled over by Pushyabhuti dynasty ?

Consider the following events:  .Reign of Kanishka 2. Visit of Hieun Tsang 3. Alexander’s invasion 4. Ashoka’s Kalinga War The correct chronological order of these event is :

Who among the following was king  when Hieun Tsang ,the Chinese pligrim visited India?

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