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Heat Wave: 10 Question Quiz

Heat wave has become a raging hot topic almost everywhere from schools and offices to even the Parliament and election campaigns. Heat wave is caused due to the peaking ...
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May Day: 10 Question Quiz

May Day- observed on first of May is also called as International Workers' Day or Labor Day in many places. Traditionally, May Day was observed to celebrate the beginning ...
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Nataraja: 10 Question Quiz

Lord Nataraja is regarded as the presiding deity of dance in the Indian Classical dance. Lord Shiva is depicted as the cosmic dancer who performs the Tandavam to prepare ...
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International Dance Day: 10 Question Quiz

International Dance Day is celebrated on the 29th of April and was introduced in the year 1982. It was initiated by the International Dance Council which is UNESCO partner ...
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Cycle: Interesting Facts

Cycle is an interesting vehicle- it helps you move, exercise and curb pollution all at the same time. It helps you burn calories as you are pedaling to make ...
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Heatstroke: An Interesting Quiz

Heatstroke most commonly occur during summer thanks to the harsh sun. In the past two decades this term has garnered a lot of attention owing the increase in number ...
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Summer Facts

Summer is mostly a trip to the beach, vacationing at a colder place or sometimes, even curling up at home and becoming ‘couch potato’. It is the hottest of ...
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Republic Day of India: 10 Question Quiz

Republic Day was celebrated in India amid tight security and alertness. It is one of the three national holidays observed in India. The other two are Independence Day and ...
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Olympics 2016: 10 Question Quiz

Olympics are held once in every four years at different locations. Last time they were held in 2012 in London. The upcoming Summer Olympics of 2016 would be held ...
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Shani Shingnapur Temple: A Quiz

Shani Shingnapur temple located in Sonai village of Maharashtra, has garnered a lot of attention recently owing to its barring entry to women. Women are not allowed to enter ...
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