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Cookies: 10 Question Quiz

Cookies are yummy and edible by people of all ages. They are flat, crispy, sweet and light to eat. The most popular combination of cookies is a glass of ...
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10 Tallest Mountain Peaks

Mountains ranges are all over the world and are popular trekking spots. However, visiting and trekking some of the tallest peaks in the world is indeed rewarding and exhilarating ...
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Fennel Seeds: 10 Question Quiz

Fennel seeds are popular as mouth fresheners (called mukhwas in India) especially in restaurants. They always serve a tray of fennel seeds and candies along with the bill. That ...
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Queen Elizabeth: 10 Question Quiz

Queen Elizabeth, longest reigning queen of England turned ninety in April 2016. She is one of the living legends who ruled for more than half a century, witnessed the ...
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10 Recession-Born Startups

The most perfect time for a startup is the time you decide to start one. You need not look at the markets, economic scenario, etc. Here are ten such ...
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Chabahar: 10 Question Quiz

Chabahar sea port development is a recent project bagged by India during the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi's visit to Iran. Prime Minister Modi's visit to Iran indeed raise many ...
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10 Cultural Monuments: 10 Question Quiz

Monuments have been built since historic times for various reasons. While some are created to commemorate a particular event, some have religious significance while most others are built in ...
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RLV-TD which is Reusable Launch Vehicle- Technology Demonstrator is a winged-flight vehicle which can launch satellites into space. This is for the first time that a winged flight vehicle ...
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Buddha Purnima: 10 Question Quiz

Buddha Purnima is observed in memory of Lord Buddha. It is a holiday observed traditionally by the Buddhists in India, Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and other Buddhist countries. The ...
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Cardamom: 10 Question Quiz

Cardamom is a spice very popular is Indian, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. It is the third most expensive spice in the world. They have a wonderful fragrance when ...
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